The Game Machine: “STEINS;GATE” Like Dislike Review

The Game Machine: “STEINS;GATE” Like Dislike Review

STEINS;GATE is a a visual novel that ask the question what would you do if you could go back in time? Is this the time traveling epic we all have been waiting for or should you just go back and watch the Back to the Future movies? Find out in this episode of Like and Dislike. A quick review that gets you to the nitty gritty without all the fat of other reviews.

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Very entertaining story. Great mix of humor and a serious story and fan service that doesn’t go into super creepy levels of creepiness. With lots of plot twist

Like able characters and rarely grade on your nerves. And you really enjoy and care about most of them.

Great presentation with great background and character art and good soundtrack

Multiple endings to unlock and from what I see 6 in total.

Lots of glossary terms and even little parody pop culture references from pop culture to tech and anime that make it enjoyable and worth seeking outside of the game

Sometimes certain scenes drag on or repeat. Some scenes could have been trimmed down as it can really kill the pace

Lack of English voice cast. Though the Japanese voice cast did a good job would have loved to see the English cast reprise their rolls.

Not for sure how to get multiple endings. Triggers are not apparent so you may need an FAQ to figure it out

Code was provided by the publisher for review.

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