The Mix LA aka Indie Press Mixer – We Was There!

The Mix LA aka Indie Press Mixer – We Was There!

LA MIX was one of the best gaming events I have ever attended.  I have to give props to Yummy Yummy Tummy for throwing such an amazing event.  The games were awesome, attendees really cool and location high class.

The event was held on the rooftop of TenTen a building in Downtown Los Angeles. There were so many indie games playable I barely even got to play half of them.  Though I did get a lot of time with the games I was able to get my hands one.  

Cannon Brawl from Turtle Sandbox was a addictive and intense multiplayer game.  It combined the arcade motor game of angry birds with a base building strategy game.  You have to build structures that you use to try to defeat your opponent.  By gathering resources and using the terrain to your advantage you will be able to beat your opponent.  The game is very fun and easy to pick up.

Walking by I saw a TV on its back.  Videoball immediately reminded me of air hocky.  The premise to getting the ball to the other side is still the same but you control units that can shoot beams that can stun opponents or move the ball.  The controls were fun and competitive nature felt like playing a sports game that I could actually win in.

Neverending Nightmares was a frightening and erie game.  It didn’t scare me by just having monsters pop out like a haunted maze but more by creating an disturbing atmosphere.  The black and white art style matched perfectly to make you feel anxious and curious.  

Dino Run was fast paced awesomeness.  The sad part was I embarrasing didn’t know this game existed for 6 years and only just found out about it.  The creators were promoting their new Dino Run 2.  They have a Kickstarter up and you should check it out if you loved Dino Run cause its that but even better.

Bionic Dues was a turned based strategy game with incredible depth.  I loved the story of how robots rebelled since Terminator 2 is one of my favorite movies of all time.  You upgrade your mechanized army to eventually fight a final intense battle.  Not only does this game have a lot to master but a lot of reasons to get better.  


Nommons: Math Universe was an adorable and fun way of learning.  It combined learning math with space shooting games.  In between flying missions you had to solve math problems which would help you upgrade your ships abilities.  It is a shame schools don’t want these games in tablets but then again if I was a kid I’d pay even less attention to my teachers.     

Flying Fortress has a lot of potential if they get the monetization of free to play correctly.  It is a strategy game where you build your crew and your fleet.  What I found charming about it was that how you interacted with your crew affect how they treated you.  For a tablet game this matched perfectly with the current ecosystem.    

BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasm was also playable.   I am horrible at fighting games but I’ve always loved the spectacular art style of the game.  Though when playing this game I can tell you button mashing does not help you since I did not win a single match.  The visuals art style are amazing as always making being defeated all the better.

Overall what I loved about this event was the focus on games.  As important as marketing your game to get discovered is, it was refreshing to having time to just focus on playing games.  All the games had something fun about them that made me smile for each of them and the beer helped too.


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