The Wonderful 101 release date announced

The Wonderful 101

.Today, Nintendo of Europe announced that “The Wonderful 101” will be released for the Wii U on 23rd August, both as physical and digital release. People who live in the US will have to wait a little longer as the game releases on 15th September.

The Wonderful 101 takes place in Earth, in a time that the planet is under siege from an alien invasion. Will Wedgewood,  a teacher at Blossom City Elementary School, and 100 of his friends decide to form a secret combat group named The Wonderful 100.  Eliot Hooker, a detective who works for  Los Angeles Police Department and most known for being the man behind the mask of Wonder-Blue, will be joining your journey to save earth.

Each of the core characters in The Wonderful 101 are defined by their Unite Morph powers, which allow them to transform a group of heroes into objects, such as a giant fist called Unite Hand, a powerful blade by the name of Unite Sword, or even a firearm known as Unite Gun. All Unite Morph powers become more powerful depending on the number of heroes currently recruited, so make sure to keep an eye out for citizens crying “Help!” – adding them to your team will reinforce your unit.

The Wonderful 101 will feature online play with up to 4 player, and a share functionality that tied to the Miiverse service.

Be sure to follow Nintendo (official site,twitter)  for more information regarding this release.

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