Unbound Saga XBLA Review

There are few games that make me feel like finish them in one sit, with a very unique style Unbound Saga is one of them.
This title by Vogster brings to Xbox Live Arcade the good old Beat em Up genre to our consoles, myself being a fan of games such as Double Dragon, Streets of Rage and more, playing this game was a pleasant experience.

We are introduced to the game with a nightmare, our hero dreams with a peaceful life and petting bunnies but they repay him with molotov cocktails and he seems to be tortured with that hellish nightmare day after day.
Met Rick ajax, he is aware he is part of a comic book and is tired of the perils “the maker” make him go thru all the time, his only desire is buy valtrex 500mg to give him back some of that pain he got all over the years. Rick as a bartender in the last human city, Toxopolis. Here he met Lori Machete (wow mr. Mike Kennedy i praise you for that name, really!) she is in trouble and after a fight she offer to show you the way out of this comic book reality and so the journey to confront The Maker begins.

You can play as both Rick and Lori and alternate who you control at any time during gameplay, this is useful specially in stages that require you to solve some puzzles, each with their own set of moves and abilities you can learn and upgrade at the end of each level with tokens you obtain by defeating bosses.

Upgrade your skills and abilities

Unlike other side scrolling beat em up games you advance moving and jumping between panels of a comic book, and almost everything in that panel can be either destroyed or used to attack, pipes, carton boxes, gas tanks, knifes, pieces of wood, etc, you name it.
Comic book sound effects showing up as you hit an enemy or smash something complement the style of the game. Something original is when you defeat most or all the enemies in a panel the hand of The Maker shows up in your screen and draw more enemies for you to take down, something i found extremely amusing and gives a special touch to the game.

The Maker drawing more enemies

You can find some comic book references in Unbound Saga, such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles characters, and how Rick react to comic plotlines and characters appearing to help you out in this journey make the game enjoyable and fun to play specially for comic book fans.

Something that could have been reworked and polished from the psp version for this XBLA release is some of the controls, sometimes they feel a bit stiff and is hard to turn specially when when enemies are hitting you from the back, as fun as the game is this was frustating sometimes as i played the game.

Action for one or two players co-op

Single Player Mode: single player mode offer two choices for you to pick from, Story mode and survival.

Multiplayer Mode: You can pick from local match with buy meridia online australia a friend or go online and play over xbox live, and like in single player mode you have 2 choices, Co-op for story mode and Survival. sadly could not found many playing online but you can always create a match and invite a friend to hop into the fun.

Comic book art cutscenes and unlockables

Unbound Saga offers 2 avatar rewards worth to look for, first a shirt with a nice design on it and second a cool comic book stash prop that looks just great! in-game extras include to read the comic chapters you unlock by beating each level of the game.

Unbound Saga looks great in HD, the comic book style graphics and a very nice soundtrack make it a enjoyable experience from start to finish, as said before small details could have been polished more but nothing to ruin gameplay. You can get Unbound Saga for 800 Microsoft Points, if you like old school arcade action and beat em up games you should take a look to Unbound Saga.

We give the game an 8 out of 10

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