Wallace & Gromit – Fright of the Bumblebees (XBLA Demo review)

Wallace and Grommit has been delighting us for a time with their funny and entertainment movies along the years and now is their turn to do it on the Xbox 360, will they succeed? this is a review of the Demo “Wallace and Gromit – Fright of the Bumblebees”, the first in a 4 chapter adventure Telltale Games brings to Xbox Live Arcade.

At first you have to go through a tutorial to learn how you will interact with the world of Wallace and Gromit, it is a shame you cannot skip the tutorial as you may want to start having fun with the game instead of losing time with a (let’s face it) boring tutorial specially as a grown up, then again remember the game is mainly for a younger audience and this may have been a boo boo by the developers.

The game is a sort of point and click genre (something i’d like to see more, like in zack and wiki for example) and is a good change from the huge amount of FPS’s out there, you dont play as Wallace or Gromit but as a 3rd person interacting with them, guiding our friends in the right direction to make the game events and story advance, is like watching an interactive movie and this it’s fun for fans and kids alike.

Will gromit save Wallace? oh the suspense! D:

The game have some flaws, camera angles are one of them.. sometimes moving Wallace in a wrong direction may make us return or go to a different area when we want do something else in the place we are at, if minor, it can be annoying from time to time.

another downside is you cant die, literally you cant die..! if you are not sure of the next action or object needed to continue with the game turn into a trial and error chore, as the game is aimed for a younger audience this may not be as bad as it sounds but in my opinion take out the challenge factor from the game, something even kids will feel disappointed (as a kid wasn’t you proud to beat a level that made you sweat bullets for days?)

some people may find some pixelated details here and there and is not something you can let slip easy with the current generation of consoles but taking in mind it is an Arcade title developers may not have taken proper care or time into that but is nothing to make you have a bad experience in-game.

Overall, “Wallace and Gromit – Fright of the Bumblebees” is a funny and entertainment game for kids (or parents wanting to share time with their kids) and die hard fans of the movies and i will recommend it only if you are one these two cases, if you are a hardcore gamer searching for a challenge the game definitely it’s NOT for you, thanks for reading and keep gaming!

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