X-Men Arcade XBLA Review

Titles like this bring back nostalgia from the now long gone arcades, oh yes i spend quite a lot in arcades such as X-Men and TMNT, oh the joy of losing tons of cash, worth it!!
X-Men Arcade for the Xbox Live Arcade is not a remake but a port from the buy acyclovir cream online 1992 arcade cabinet and don’t bring anything new into the light, still is a nice game to spend the time specially with friends.

Ready for some coin-op action? no need for a bag of coins this time

Magneto kidnapped Charles Xavier and Kitty Pride (why he did not kidnapped Dazzler, she is useless..) now is up to his students, The X-Men, to rescue them from the master of magnet.
Simply as that, no really that’s all the story you will get, but hey back in the day you did not cared for story and all you wanted was sweet coin-op fun!:D

Based in Marvel comics but not following an specific arc the story take elements from them, such as Asteroid M and The Savage Land among other known places from the comic books.

Juggernaut: why do i use a bazooka charles? because im the juggernaut b... er ok!

This is one of the old good arcade Beat’em up games you always come and play when you feel bored and finish with a good taste in your mouth after a gaming session.

You can select one of six X-Men to play: Cyclops, Wolverine (my favorite), Dazzler, Storm, Colossus and Nightcrawler, each with their own unique mutant power.

The game has some inaccuracies like Colossus having a power he never showed up in any comic book (at least i dont remember him using it that way, may be wrong) or The Juggernaut using a bazooka, but taking in mind back in the day the japanese developers may not have been readers of the comic books, so it is understandable.

You can select to play the USA or Japanese rom which is a little nice fan service, three difficulty settings: normal, hard and expert, cabinet for 4 or 6 players, stage selection (once you beat them), local Co-op, multiplayer, leaderboard, and a nice graphics update to enjoy the game in HD.

play with up to six players online!

here you have three choices to pick from: quick match, custom match and create match. You can either join a match using the first option or create one with the later options, this include enabling or disabling voice chat, cabinet, stage or if the match will be public or private.

Sadly there’s not enough people playing to have a full cabinet with 6 players, making it difficult to obtain a couple achievements but with patience it is doable, i’d recommend to gather friends to get the achievements unless you don’t mind to wait for a bit in the lobby.

Fight powerful mutants in your way to rescue Xavier

The challenge in the game is nonexistent as you can abuse your mutant power all the time. Clicking continue and keep doing it until you finish the game, this is good for some of the achievements but having unlimited continues leave out a real challenge even in expert, now if they added a “dont die a single time in a level” achievement that would be a challenge!

The game could have included some avatar rewards like wolverine claws or a cyclops visor, alas it did not.. something developers should take in mind when they port old titles to our consoles, small details like these are a plus for the fans, probably something to take in mind for upcoming titles.

As said before none, an art gallery from Marvel artists or avatar rewards was desirable for this title.

Best Phrase ever: Welcome to die!

The game dont offer but a few hours of good old arcade fun, a game you can play from time to time and a trip to memory lane, a few extras could have been added to the title to give it more value for both your money and replay value, not a bad release but could have been better, you can obtain X-Men Arcade for 800 Microsoft Points.

we give the game a 7 out of 10

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