ZHP: Unlosing Ranger VS Darkdeath Evilman Review

With wacky and irredent humor this game arrived to the PSP, Following Disgaea’s tradition NIS America brings another RPG grinder to our portable with many hours of fun.
Do not think disgaea is back with a different name because it is not, this game take elements of Disgaea, but has very different aspects regarding gameplay to stand on his own.

A super baby that will save the world has been born as was foretold, this reaches the ears of the wicked Demon General Darkdeath Evilman and decides to kidnap the super baby, the world panics and only the strong and brave Absolute Victory Unlosing Ranger can save the super baby and the world!
but he is a slacker and get up late, in his haste to go to the legendary fight he is hit by a car and dies!…

…Before he died, a simple and wimpy bystander will be world last hope, you are asked to take the Unlosing Ranger belt to save the world in his place, bravely you fight the last boss and die.

Our hero dies, what will be of the world?

Just a second before you die you are transported to Bizarro World, a place where you will be trained in random dungeons to get stronger, and fight the final boss buy lasix online with mastercard one more time, will you overcome all the obstacles and become a new Absolute Victory Unlosing Ranger?

Oh and believe me you will die A LOT! you have to grind a lot to earn money, weapons, and other items. Even if the game resemble Disgaea the way combat works and your strategy to beat dungeons is way different.

You will learn special techniques as you advance the storyline but the most common will be to use techniques from weapons and armor you get in the dungeons, and do not hold back, you can get any weapon or hat pretty easy, the ideal is to use the techniques, raise your level and more easily overcome the challenge in the dungeons.

A vast array of specials at your disposal, booya!

When you die the levels you earned stacks and even if you go back to level 1 yous stats increase, without having the need to level up a lot, reborn and re-training from 0 unlike the Disgaea titles, something i liked.

In this game you dont have a party to gang enemies with several characters, on the contrary if you are not careful this happens to you because the enemies can see you or even turn around when some enemy you attack cries for help, so using items and how you attack require strategy.

Every step you take and every attack drain your energy, if you run out of energy you will die, losing all the loot you picked in that dungeon, even your equiped gears. So avoiding a fight to finish a level may be required from time to time, you will find meat to recharge energy but not always so be careful.

Random generated rooms can be found sometimes, this can be a low gravity room, a toxic swamp, a treasure chamber or even a Rosen Queen store to buy items. Don’t try to steal anything from them tho, ah but don’t listen my nonsense.. please, try it. 🙂

shortly after you will have access to the shadowgram and do modifications to your body, by using weapons, armor and other things in the dungeons. These drops will serve as chips to increase stats and enhance your abilities, such as carry more items in your inventory.

Your get a secret base, and it is filled with useful stuff (including a Prinny wife d00d! oh smexy!) a blacksmith to repair your weapons or armor, the workshop to add chips to your shadowgram and much more. Other facilities unlock as you advance in the game.

Build and modify your own secret base

Some of them can also be called in the middle of the dungeons like the prinny wife cooking for you a special lunch to recharge your energy (a real life saver, love my prinny wife d00d! buying her a brand name bag soon).

Be careful of hidden traps!

Zettai Hero Project offers humor and a style we love from Nippon Ichi Software, an excellent title for fans and lovers of the genre that not mind spending hours gaining levels and items (grind, grind baby!). But the game is not for all the gamers out there, and sometimes the grinding can be boring and will discourage some people to finish the game.

If you liked Disgaea you will also enjoy this title and by all means go for it, it’s highly recommended, but if you don’t like to grind in a game avoid it, this game may not be appealing for you. Thanks for reading and keep gaming!

We give this game a 8 out of 10

In loving memory of Jose Gaspacho, you will be missed.

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